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  • Play the Long Game at LFGdating

    Should I subscribe? If I do, what plan do I choose? How long do I stick around? These are all great questions. In fact, we get these questions frequently from members. We thought you’d like to know the answers too. The umbrella above everything at LFGdating is that we feel gamer dating should be easy – from […]

  • Sandwiches are Stupid – Commercial Launch!

    Sandwiches are stupid? Well, maybe not from a hunger standpoint. We’re not Joey Tribbiani. But you get the message. Why spend money on lunch when you can use that to meet someone you can really spend some time with? Our main goal is to match you with as many meaningful members as possible, so that […]

  • Gamer Dating Should Be Easy – Commercial Launch!

    Gamer dating should be easy. Why? Because when you meet another person that shares your passion for gaming, that’s a huge obstacle already cleared. Seriously. Imagine a 100 meter hurdle event where one runner doesn’t have the first five hurdles. Game! I bet the runner would be laughing on the inside. Or outside, depending on how brave […]

  • Find Your Player 2 – LFGdating Commercial Released!

    We couldn’t be happier to release our first wave of commercials. If you’re already an LFGdating.com member, you know how hard we work to not only bring you as many quality matches as possible, but we work to make sure that you’re surrounded by geeks and gamers that share your passions. This commercial focuses on […]

  • These Scripts Keep Getting Better

    These Scripts Keep Getting Better

    We’re filming a commercial this Saturday, and we couldn’t be happier. What we thought would be nerve-wracking and infinitely tough became one of our most fun projects yet: writing a script for our first ever commercial. The first one was good. We laughed a little bit. Then we saw an opening into something greater. The […]