Sandwiches are Stupid – Commercial Launch!

Sandwiches are stupid? Well, maybe not from a hunger standpoint. We’re not Joey Tribbiani. But you get the message. Why spend money on lunch when you can use that to meet someone you can really spend some time with?

Our main goal is to match you with as many meaningful members as possible, so that when you message them, you’re already well ahead of the game. Want to meet another gamer? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s easy to go through life and think things are one specific way. But what happens when you get a little adventurous and venture off your beaten path? What happens when you take a stand and say, “I’m not going out for lunch. I’m going to message that member I’ve been eyeing for a few days now.” We’ll tell you what happens. You take your personal life by the reins, and you meet someone new.



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