Play the Long Game at LFGdating

Should I subscribe? If I do, what plan do I choose? How long do I stick around? These are all great questions. In fact, we get these questions frequently from members. We thought you’d like to know the answers too. The umbrella above everything at LFGdating is that we feel gamer dating should be easy – from creating your profile to upgrading your account to meeting someone meaningful. In fact, we put our money behind this belief of ours and made a commercial specifically to show it.

Should I subscribe and upgrade my account?

I can use this space to make a sales pitch and tell you all about how we guarantee that you’ll find someone here, but I’d rather be honest with you and act as a co-founder worth his salt. The answer is only you know if you’re willing to take the step of messaging another member. You created an account, hopefully uploaded a picture or 5 to show other members you’re serious, and you’re reading this article. So if you’re asking if you should upgrade your account, my guess is that you’re really close to answering the question. But before you do, please read the rest below to make sure you feel totally comfortable either way.

What subscription plan should I choose?

It depends what fits your budget the best. Our lowest price point per month is the $10 for 3 months plan and the $20 for 6 months plan. That breaks down to $3.33 per month, which is less than a Twitch subscription. The $5 per month plan is great if you want a trial period, and that’s a slightly higher price point than the $3.33 above per month. We also have a lot of people who select the lifetime plan at $50, and this ensures that they never receive a recurring charge. These are also the members who play the long game at LFGdating. The goal here is to choose whichever plan makes you feel most comfortable and fits in your budget. 

We also wrote a little about this previously in a different blog post.

As a side note, LFGdating climbed out of debt in 2015, so we know how big of a deal budgeting is. In fact, it’s central to what we do and how we operate. This is one of the main reasons why we work hard to keep expenses down, and in turn, keep subscription rates low for our members!

How long should I keep my upgraded account?

We always want you to feel comfortable with your plan, and I want to challenge you to set a goal. You’ve noticed the title of this article is Play the Long Game at LFGdating. We want you to set a goal – in the future – of when you will re-evaluate your chosen plan. For example, if you select a 3 month membership, put a reminder in your calendar to alert you a few days/a week prior to your renewal. Same thing with a 1 month and 6 month membership. This allows you some time to play the long game and see what develops over time. What we want you to avoid is missing out on meeting someone because you made your judgment too quickly. Even mentally – if something doesn’t pop right away – still login and check out your matches once a week. You never know who you may miss when you don’t check your matches.

The ultimate goal here is to push yourself to meet someone. That push may put you out of your comfort zone a little bit. That’s ok. Patrick and I were out of our comfort zone when we launched LFGdating. It’s not normal practice in our lives to put a business plan together, find investment funds, and launch a site. And where has that brought us? Helping people who like to game find meaningful relationships with other people who like to game. It also gave us the privilege of writing blog posts such as this one and commercials like this one.

If you haven’t created a profile at LFGdating yet, you can create one here!



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