What Type of Subscription Plan is Best for You?

Even Leonard from Big Bang Theory didn’t find love very quickly. He cycled through a few relationships before Penny, and then even between their break-up and getting back together, there were more dates and short relationships. What can we learn from this? That finding someone worth finding doesn’t come easy, and online dating is no different.

There are two questions asked of every person who uses an online dating service. One, will you create a profile on our site, and two, are you willing to upgrade your account enabling you to message other members? The first question is relatively easy to answer: yes or no. If yes, you create your account and browse your matches. If no, well, thanks for stopping by. The second question, however, may take months (or years) to finally answer yes.

From conversations with our LFGdating members, we’ve learned a key insight into the second question: our members typically decide they want to subscribe before they decide upon the length of their subscription. Now, I think it’s safe to assume they know the prices and duration of our subscription plans because every new user views the subscription plan page at the end of their respective profile creation. But what this truly means is that each subscription plan that we offer holds it’s own merits separate from the rest.

What are these merits? We have a survey in the works to find out more, but I want to share with you our hypotheses for each plan as well as each plan’s intended values. Why share this with you? Because we want you to be as informed as possible, and Patrick (the other co-founder) and I believe in total transparency. Heck, we even did a Reddit AMA a couple years back about that very thing.

Our One Month Plan ($5) This plan is tailored for people who want to test the waters of LFGdating and get a feel for its members. It is also offered for those of you who find that one person you want to contact right now. Sometimes members don’t want to message ten or twenty people – they only want to message one. At our lowest price point, this plan makes the most sense for these members.

Our Three Month Plan ($10) Members who like to watch this process play out over more time feel the most compelled for this and our six month plan. However, this plan is normally chosen for its relatively short commitment. While three months is a long period of time, it’s truly just one season, and it’s a solid compromise between the one and six month plans. It also offers one free month of service.

Our Six Month Plan ($20) Offering two free months of service, members who like to take their time and watch new matches arrive tend to pick this plan. There isn’t as much of a “right now” mentality, and members who like to log in maybe once every week or two. The major upside to this plan is that at $20 for six months, that is about $40 less than OKCupid, and much, much less expensive than Match or eHarmony.

Our Lifetime Plan ($50 one-time purchase) The overarching benefit of the lifetime plan is that it is a one-time purchase. Our lifetime members never have to worry about a rebill or the small (or large) anxiety of thinking about re-upping or canceling. They are simply set for life, and they watch their matches at their own pace. The biggest selling point to this plan is that a lifetime membership at LFGdating is still about $10 less than OKCupid’s six month plan. Yes, you will be set for life at LFGdating while you will need to worry about rebills at our major competitors.

In the end, we just want you to choose the plan that best fits you. Because you are the most important factor in this decision. And please, if you have any questions about the plans or subscriptions in general, please leave them in the comments below or email me, and I will make sure to reply as soon as I can.

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