Reddit AMA Huge Success

All day yesterday, we answered any and all questions pertaining to LFGdating. People of Reddit not only asked many great questions, they also contributed to our ongoing process of building a better online dating site for our clientele.

Many people asked very insightful questions about our online dating process, matching, and communicating. A special thanks to KonradHarlan for his discussion of the sign up process. We look at our questions, answers, and overall setup frequently, and we love when we get fresh eyes and new, keen insite into our process.

Another thanks to reseph for his patience with our relative newness to Reddit’s AMA. It’s kind people like that who make us love what we do even more.

Miguelrock asked about our algorithm. A shortened look into our response, “We made sure to emphasize gaming as an aspect of our members’ lives, without it being their sole purpose of being. That’s how we envision the adult gamer.”

We think Beerpork had the most interesting name, which suited well, because his or her question about finding both male and female members really hits home in our industry. A very attuned question. Once again, we stated, “We have found, at least through our beta testing and launch in February, that we have slightly more male members than female, but the difference is small. As for this being a potential problem, it may prove to be, but it’s not proving that way currently.”

Tsi94’s critique gave us a lot of good material to discuss and act on – and he or she took a solid, hard look at our site and deserves a thank you at the least.

Once again, this AMA was extremely productive from our end and we hope we rose to the standards of our commenters. We love this job!

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