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  • Stranger Things 2 Trailer Rocks. Completely.

    Look at that friggin’ gigantic thing at the end! Look at the sketch in the notebook just moments earlier! What part about this trailer isn’t completely badass? Because I’m not seeing it. Stranger Things 2 is set to release Halloween 2017. What better way to celebrate all things scary and freaky than to release what […]

  • The Power of Subscribing

    The Power of Subscribing

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever wasted hours, if not days out of your precious single lives filling out user profiles, personality tests, and sifting through countless “free dating sites” looking for love; I think we all have, yet why do we still do it?  I know why I attempted it years ago: the average […]

  • Tired of the Geek Dating Scene?  You’re in the Right Place!

    Tired of the Geek Dating Scene? You’re in the Right Place!

    Raise your hand if you’re tired of the geek online dating scene.  Yeah, most everyone is.  That “date a geek” site you thought was legitimate turned out to be just a database that you’ve seen on umpteen other “geek singles” sites, and before the sun comes up the day after you sign up your inbox […]

  • Reddit AMA Huge Success

    Reddit AMA Huge Success

    All day yesterday, we answered any and all questions pertaining to LFGdating. People of Reddit not only asked many great questions, they also contributed to our ongoing process of building a better online dating site for our clientele.