Stranger Things 2 Trailer Rocks. Completely.

Look at that friggin’ gigantic thing at the end!

Look at the sketch in the notebook just moments earlier!

What part about this trailer isn’t completely badass? Because I’m not seeing it.

Stranger Things 2 is set to release Halloween 2017. What better way to celebrate all things scary and freaky than to release what I am hoping will be the most impactful Netflix season premiere of all time?

Let me describe my bias: Stranger Things is my favorite series of all time. It even helped spawn my favorite mash-up this past year.

Stranger Things had some of the best descriptions in recent memory as well. One Redditor (Optimus_Prim3) described it this way:

“I always ask if they’ve watched Super 8. If they did, I ask if they liked the movie. If the answers yes then I say you got to see this show. If they say no ill tell them to still watch the show lol.”

Bill Simmons’ venture,, describes it in otherworldly terms.

“Stranger Things is like Epcot Center. It takes something people are interested in and creates a world for them to visit.”

My description? It’s X-files with an ending; it’s a more visceral GooniesMy college Modern British Literature teacher once told us in class, “You don’t beat Shakespeare on Shakespeare’s home court.” Well, Stranger Things just ran him out the gym.

What will I do until Halloween 2017? Watch season 1 again and read as many conspiracy theories as Reddit has to offer.






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