Gamer Dating Should Be Easy – Commercial Launch!

Gamer dating should be easy. Why? Because when you meet another person that shares your passion for gaming, that’s a huge obstacle already cleared. Seriously. Imagine a 100 meter hurdle event where one runner doesn’t have the first five hurdles. Game! I bet the runner would be laughing on the inside. Or outside, depending on how brave he or she is.

LFGdating is gamer dating. LFGdating members are here for a reason – they want to meet other gamers that share their passion for gaming. And we’re not throwing around the word passion here. We mean passion. Some of our members prefer to wake up early and game for an hour or two before work. Some of our members prefer to run a split shift and game after dinner for a couple hours. Regardless, every member here wants to meet their player 2.

We wouldn’t have this success however if it wasn’t for our members. LFGdating has the most loyal, truthful and vibrant group of members we could ever imagine having. Heck, our site is driven by member suggestions. What better way of celebrating our members than to hear them out and implement what they say!

In closing, another major thanks to Guy Clark Moving Pictures for another excellent finished product. We’re lucky to have met him, and even luckier to have him on the other end of the commercials.

One more commercial launching shortly. Check back soon!


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