Great First Date Idea for Gamers

Gamer First Date Advice!First dates are first impressions.  You want to put your best foot forward, and you want it to go well.  But how do you break the awkward ice on a first date?  Creativity always helps when it comes to first dates, and now bringing your iPad may be a great way for gamers to not only break the first date ice, but smash it emphatically with a new first date game for gamers called “Fingle“.  In Fingle, you and your date basically play virtual Twister with your fingers, and the accidental finger touch is almost certain, and frequent.  And like millions of dating experts and dating tip books out there proclaim, the first touch or the first time you hold your date’s hand is a huge milestone, as it puts both of you at ease and lifts romanticism to an entirely new level.  Want LFG’s gamer dating advice? Of course you do!  Pull the iPad out after dinner: pull your chair closer to theirs, and fire up Fingle.  It’s creative, and I guarantee your date has never done it (unless they are fans of LFG’s Gamer Dating Blog, of course!)

Thanks to our friends over at Kotaku for breaking the Fingle news!  And if you haven’t registered at LFG Dating yet, what the heck are you waiting for?  Find someone to play Fingle with today!


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