Katrina Bowden Is Such a Nerd

Katrina Bowden – yes, that same Katrina Bowden who has gone from 30 Rock to Maxim and just about everything in between – is such a nerd.  Oh, you don’t believe me?  Then watch this hilarious original first date video from CollegeHumor – trust me, you don’t want to pass this one up.

I think what makes this video so hilarious, not to mention so popular with well over three million YouTube views, is that it takes the traditional gamer/nerd/geek stereotypes and tosses them straight out the window.  From the massive success to the Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, or the tons of celebrities who proudly state they love playing World of Warcraft, the old stereotypes that women, and/or cool people don’t enjoy video games, Star Wars, or a four-way session of Goldeneye 64 are thankfully long gone.  And you know what, we should know, as the co-founders here at LFGdating, we can speak first-hand just how awesomely diverse and even-spread our gender demographic here is. Once again, if you don’t believe me – create your LFG profile today and see just how awesome our tasteful, stereotype-free geek and gamer dating service can be!

Happy Monday everyone!  Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is just twelve days away!


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