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  • If Twitch Was Big in My Day

    If Twitch Was Big in My Day

    This post makes me feel super old, but that feeling may also be a result of forgetting to take my Centrum Silver this morning.  Dag-nab-it, okay, so I’m not that old (Level 32), but I will say this: whenever I tune in to Twitch.tv, it makes me feel like a kid again.  Which made me think: what […]

  • Dude Wins Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Blindfolded

    As a thirty one year old gamer who grew up with the NES and the ridiculously difficult Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, this speed run video was absofriggenlutely captivating.  For those of you have never played this game, you don’t quite realize just how brutal the ring got once you got towards the end of the […]

  • Katrina Bowden Is Such a Nerd

    Katrina Bowden – yes, that same Katrina Bowden who has gone from 30 Rock to Maxim and just about everything in between – is such a nerd.  Oh, you don’t believe me?  Then watch this hilarious original first date video from CollegeHumor – trust me, you don’t want to pass this one up. I think […]

  • Time Takes on the Top 100

    Time Takes on the Top 100

    What would a Top 100 video games list be without controversy?  While I would bet the mortgage that I don’t have on their ever being one, it would be boring anyway.  What would be neat is if a huge online publication would post one and disable comments; I think the gaming corner of the Interweb […]

  • Words With (Girl/Boy)Friends

    Words With (Girl/Boy)Friends

    As Facebook slowly takes over the world, companies of every shape and size attempt to latch on to Marky Z’s creation like those little blubber-sucking fish things that attach to whales (I can’t remember their name – no wait, I don’t think I’ve ever known their name) just so they can travel halfway around the […]