Words With (Girl/Boy)Friends

As Facebook slowly takes over the world, companies of every shape and size attempt to latch on to Marky Z’s creation like those little blubber-sucking fish things that attach to whales (I can’t remember their name – no wait, I don’t think I’ve ever known their name) just so they can travel halfway around the world for free.  Some of them make it, while some of them get eaten by killer whales.  Where am I going with this?  I have no idea.  Oh yeah, that’s right: Zynga, and more specifically, Words With Friends.  What an ingenious game, not so much because it gets people to play together on their phone, but because who the hell actually liked playing Scrabble before this game came out?  Maybe our grandparents, but come on – kudos to the folks who invested in this one.  Anywho, Words With Friends is the perfect game to keep rocking those long distance relationships on, and even the short distance ones when you’re apart.  Even better, if your boy or girlfriend isn’t huge on gaming with you, then this is the perfect start them off so you can parlay it into something better, like Goldeneye, or Goldeneye (I really like that game).  Just don’t do Farmville.  Ever.

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