LFG: Gamer Dating Without the Ads

LFG Dating is completely ad-free gamer dating!Raise your hands if you hate ads.  Okay, everyone’s hands should be in air, even if you’re the guy/girl who’s filthy rich for patenting the online, “pop-up” advertisement window (okay, maybe not that person).  Or maybe not the original “Mad Men” ad executives from the sixties, but then again they never had to slog through this stellar pop-up filled, electronic world we all call the Internet.  Ads and so-called, “free dating websites” come hand-in-hand, and users are constantly bombarded with advertisments in each and every form, from old-school banner ads, to new video ads with annoying, inconvenient music, and seemingly no way to close out of them before you lose your mind and toss the laptop off your sixth story balcony.  Heck, I’m getting pissed off just writing this article about ads!

Alright, let’s get back on track: LFG Dating is ads free.  Bam.  No silver lining, no lies, just the only 100% ad-free gamer dating website on the Internet.  Less ads to try and close out of equals more smiles, and more opportunities to find love with other gamers at LFG Dating, because that’s what its all about.

Find ad-free love and actual gamer love at LFG Dating!  Sign up for free today!


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