Products We Love: 8-Bit Pale Ale

Every now and then you see something that makes you whisper under your breath, “No way…” Normally moments like these are immediately followed up with small yet enlightened smile. This happened to me recently at the Craft Beer Center in Clayton, Missouri.

What makes me even happier than finding 8-Bit Beer is the fact that someone took this from idea to shelf! Someone or some group had this idea, and thought, “Yes. We’re going to do this.” Tallgrass Brewing Co. put the money, time and expertise at work to make sure this beer found shelf space, so someone like me can pull the trigger on a sale. I mean, that’s just awesome.

What’s even better? It tastes good. I’m not a big pale ale guy by any stretch. The branding caught my eye, so I bought it. But the taste is what makes me want more of it. Kudos to making a pale ale that doesn’t dry out my mouth. I mean, sometimes an abrasive pale ale can dry out a mouth faster than chewing on cotton balls.

Looks like the power gloves have been thrown down, competitors.





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