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  • Products We Love: 8-Bit Pale Ale

    Products We Love: 8-Bit Pale Ale

    Every now and then you see something that makes you whisper under your breath, “No way…” Normally moments like these are immediately followed up with small yet enlightened smile. This happened to me recently at the Craft Beer Center in Clayton, Missouri. What makes me even happier than finding 8-Bit Beer is the fact that someone […]

  • Products We Love: Dollar Shave Club

    Products We Love: Dollar Shave Club

    Every now and then we come across an idea so simple and effective that we want to claim it as our own. But Dollar Shave Club beat us to this one. When you subscribe, each month Dollar Shave Club mails you a small package (perfect for those of us who dwell in apartments and tinier condos) containing […]

  • Products We Love: Birchbox

    Products We Love: Birchbox

    The title is partially a misnomer. It’s not the Birchbox itself; it’s what’s inside that counts. And not in a sentimental way -rather all the great products inside. Imagine breaking open a pinata and instead of cheap candy, it’s small-size top-end men’s or women’s products. That’d be a hell of a pinata.