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  • Gamer’s Girlfriend Breaks iPad, but Gives Great Advice

    Relationships are far from easy – I think we all know and fully understand that.  They require sincere commitments from both parties, and they also demand compromises. While this intense video of a gamer’s girlfriend obliterating his $500 iPad illustrates just how hard compromising can be, I think the most important takeaway is that this […]

  • Time Mag: Online Dating Saves You $6,400

    Time Mag: Online Dating Saves You $6,400

    While I think the only places you’ll still find a print copy of Time Magazine these days is on your aunt’s coffee table, the publisher is still very relevant as their website ranks in the top three hundred most visited sites on the Internet.  Not bad, eh?  You know what’s also not bad?  Their 2014 […]

  • When to Tell your Date you Play WoW?

    When to Tell your Date you Play WoW?

    Now this is a great question!  We get tons of emails from our swelling member community at LFGdating, but every once in a while we get a stellar dating advice question that would equate to the often-times mythical, “legendary” loot drop on Diablo 3.  This past weekend came the following question: when do you tell […]