When to Tell your Date you Play WoW?

Now this is a great question!  We get tons of emails from our swelling member community at LFGdating, but every once in a while we get a stellar dating advice question that would equate to the often-times mythical, “legendary” loot drop on Diablo 3.  This past weekend came the following question: when do you tell your date you play WoW?  Since LFG has quickly become the world’s largest World of Warcraft dating site for gamers, we thought we would bring our answer to the entire community – via our Gamer Dating Blog – since we have so many folks that would surely love to hear our answer.  To put it bluntly – the answer to this question is simple; hit the link below for the answer.

When do you Tell your Date you Play WoW?

Whether you’re on your first or tenth date, or even weeks or months into a steady relationship, this question would almost certainly come up only if you’re truly in to this other person, and we think that is awesome!  Congrats with finding someone special, and I can tell you that I have been in your shoes – you don’t want to hide anything, but at the same time you don’t want to scare the person off.  So what’s the answer then – when should you tell your date/boyfriend/girlfriend that you play WoW?

The answer, like we said, is quite simple: it’s completely situational dependent.  You may not like that answer, but hear me out: if your date/boyfriend/girlfriend enjoys video games, then this WoW hobby can be brought out into the open much earlier than if your date has never picked up a controller in his or her life.  With that being said, at some point it has to come out, and how you reveal that information is much more important than when you reveal it.  What I mean is this: even if your date despises gaming, as long as you demonstrate that it’s just a hobby, and it doesn’t dominate your life, then he/she shouldn’t even bat an eye.  If they do get turned off, then quite frankly, they are not the right person for you because they couldn’t even spell the word stereotypical if they tried.  Love is about compromise, and at the same time allowing your partner to do the things they truly enjoy; your true love will recognize that, but at the same time you have to be true to yourself and realize that maybe you have been playing, or are wanting to play too much.  I love video games just as much than any of our LFG’ers, but my wife comes first – that’s the mentality you need to have.

In the end, how you tell your significant other you play WoW is much more important than when, although the two are definitely linked and should be taken together.  I hope this answer makes sense to you, and please drop us a line below if you’d like to throw a few more our way!  Thanks for making the LFGdating community a better place, and the best place to find gamer and geek love!

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