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  • HoldingTheLine Against Gamer Stereotypes

    HoldingTheLine Against Gamer Stereotypes

    Pop quiz for our faithful readers: how many features have we ran with about trying to break down those ever-stubborn gamer stereotypes?  You are right if you said this many.  (If you’re too lazy to click the link, the answer is 6.  7 if you count this one!)  Back in 2006 when the we concocted […]

  • 10 Dumbest Arguments Made Against Games

    10 Dumbest Arguments Made Against Games

    Although editorial top lists have dominated the Interweb’s blogosphere since, well, the start of the blogosphere, this recent list courtesy of Complex Magazine is actually pretty damn stellar.  This past January the gamers behind this very-popular newstand publication put together a surprisingly comprehensive (surprising for a top list, not from Complex) top list on the 10 Dumbest […]

  • Video Games, Dating, and LFG

    Video Games, Dating, and LFG

    With the rise of video games came the creation and popularity of the video game arcade, which littered shopping malls across the country and became dating hot spots for couples as they poured in and out of movie theaters on their first dates.  Although video game arcades have survived to a degree, they are are […]

  • LFG Is THE Gamer Dating Site

    LFG Is THE Gamer Dating Site

    There are many imitations, but LFG Dating is truly the only legitimate Gamer Dating site on the Internet, period.  (Technically that was two periods)  Only at LFG do stereotypes get checked at the virtual door, as finding love for all of our members is our number one, and only priority.  We provide top notch security […]