Video Gamer Pickup Lines Are a No-Go (Always)

Pickup lines simply do not work.  Ever.  They haven’t in the past, they don’t work now, nor will they ever work in the future.  Believe it or not LFG Nation, the only pickup line you will ever need, regardless of the setting, is a simple, “Hello, my name’s _____.  What’s yours?”  Shocking, isn’t it?  But seriously, that’s all you need, and you will be successful.  Not only that, you won’t get a drink thrown in your face or a slap from the opposite sex.  With all of that being said, pickup lines are only good for a laugh – not when you actually use them, but when you’re reading LFG Dating’s Gamer Dating Blog, for example.  Our good friends (they may not know it yet) over at posted an entertaining and hilarious video with some great video game oriented pick up lines that we highly stress you never, ever use in public; I don’t even care if you’re at e3 and you see Brooklyn Decker – don’t use them.  So without further adieu (did I spell that right?), enjoy.


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