Who’s Viewed Your LFG Profile?

LFG Dating's profile pages are unmatched!Registering for free at LFG Dating has many perks – finding love being one – but how about that feeling you get when you think someone is checking you out?  As soon as you’re aware of what’s happening, adrenaline usually starts flowing, and nervousness or excitement sets in.  At that point you either make your move (hopefully), or you let it pass if they’re not your type.  But what about those times where you just aren’t sure if they were sizing you up?  Well at LFG that uncertainty is gone with our “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?” feature, which is free to all users!  Since everyone at LFG Dating is looking for love, now you can experience that thrill every time you log in by clicking on the “Who’s Viewed Me” link on your profile page menu.

What’s that?  You haven’t created your LFG profile yet?  See who’s checking out your profile for free today!


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