2015 Was Quite a Year at LFGdating

Let’s start out 2016 with a brief recap of 2015. We started the year breaking traffic and new member records, and by December, we grew exponentially to the point where we just stopped sending emails about breaking records. Or for you Reddit-savvy people, tl;dr – we’re on a roll.

We launched three commercials in the past few months. Want to spend your time with someone who appreciates your love of gaming? We made a commercial that shows how LFGdating is the right place to be.

Did you know that over half of our site improvements were member-driven? I mean, what other dating site listens to its members as much as LFGdating? No one – that’s the correct answer. Our members wanted expanded search features, so we built them. Our members wanted a more mobile friendly site, so went mobile friendly. The suggestions keep coming in, and we’re building our 2016 plan around their suggestions. Honestly, there’s no better way to show our members how important they are than to listen to what they say and put their suggestions into action.

We have another live-blogging session in the works as well. Last June, we stormed Houston and all of its fine eateries and drink…eries?… and had quite the weekend. Site traffic had never been so high up until that weekend, and the next time we live-blog, we’re expecting much, much more.

We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings. We hope you stop by soon and either login or create a profile with us. Who knows? That perfect someone may be five minutes away.

See you on soon!


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