Don’t Be Scared to Date a Gamer

Gamer Dating!Ugh, here we go again with gamer stereotypes again.  If you’re a gamer in the vicinity of Albany, NY, then you might know who Paul Gallery is; if not, he is one of the video gaming journalists behind the Times Union newspaper’s online gaming blog entitled, “Press Start“.  Although over two years old, “Scared to Date a Gamer“, is a refreshing article that eloquently bashes down the gamer stereotypes when it comes to gamer dating.  Annoying video gaming stereotypes such as un-athleticism, anti-socialism, nerdism (is that a word?), and that gamers all put their games before their significant others all get addressed, and thankfully debunked.  I think the best part of this article is the fact that it originates from a print newspaper, albeit the gaming blog from its online website.

The bottom line: gaming is a much more integrated part of life than it was ten to twenty years ago.  What’s the difference if your significant other is on Facebook two hours a night while you game?  There isn’t.

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