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  • Don’t Be Scared to Date a Gamer

    Don’t Be Scared to Date a Gamer

    Ugh, here we go again with gamer stereotypes again.  If you’re a gamer in the vicinity of Albany, NY, then you might know who Paul Gallery is; if not, he is one of the video gaming journalists behind the Times Union newspaper’s online gaming blog entitled, “Press Start“.  Although over two years old, “Scared to […]

  • How Soon to Call Her?

    How Soon to Call Her?

    Every guy has asked this question, and likely heard a different answer every time.  So how soon should you call her?  The next day. That’s it. I don’t care if it’s after your first date, or you met her at a bar last night – call her the next day.  Don’t call her the same […]

  • How to Turn Her Down

    How to Turn Her Down

    Getting turned down is tough to hear, but it’s even harder to say.  99% of the time, daters online or offline simply go for the avoidance route: if she doesn’t call, text, or message you back, chances are she’s moved on.  If you’re on the receiving end, that route can especially hurt, especially if you […]

  • LFG – What Does it Mean?

    LFG – What Does it Mean?

    Are you still scratching your head?  Don’t be ashamed; not everyone who stumbles over to this neck of the Interweb knows what LFG means.  Well, let me rephrase that: I am fairly certain that the majority of our new visitors understand what LFG means – Looking for Group – but is that what we used […]