LFG – What Does it Mean?

Are you still scratching your head?  Don’t be ashamed; not everyone who stumbles over to this neck of the Interweb knows what LFG means.  Well, let me rephrase that: I am fairly certain that the majority of our new visitors understand what LFG means – Looking for Group – but is that what we used as our site name?  How many of you think its something else, like “Looking for Gamer”, or, “Looking for Girlfriend”, or “Looking for Games”?  The answer is we simply like the acronym, because of how iconic it is to gamers everywhere; the fact that LFG can mean all those other phrases that correlate with gamer dating just make it that much sweeter!  You know what’s also sweet?  The fact that I decided to throw in that Leeroy Jenkins picture, just because it is easily one of the sweetest Internet videos ever.  But yeah, we can do that because it’s our blog.


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