How to Turn Her Down

Gamer Dating Advice: How to Turn Her DownGetting turned down is tough to hear, but it’s even harder to say.  99% of the time, daters online or offline simply go for the avoidance route: if she doesn’t call, text, or message you back, chances are she’s moved on.  If you’re on the receiving end, that route can especially hurt, especially if you really liked him or her. recently published an interesting dating advice article on just that: How to Turn Her Down.  The sad thing however, is that the entire article pushes readers to do the worst and simply avoid whenever possible, and in almost every scenario, whether he/she is your friend, friend of a friend, co-worker, etc.  It’s the easy way out, and I say you should avoid it.

If you want out guys, be a man and tell her the truth.  Or if you don’t want to be honest, then at least just tell her something: you found someone else, you didn’t see the relationship going anywhere, etc.  At LFG Dating it can be as simple as sending her a message, an email, or even a quick phone call.  She may get mad, but in the long run she’ll appreciate that you didn’t string her along.  Think about times when you liked someone only to hear nothing in return after date number two or three?

It takes two minutes fellas.

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