Public Service Announcement: Price Changes

Attention all you LFGdating members and peeps without accounts (and Leeroy Jenkins too) – we have some news we want to share with you regarding our premium subscription plans. For the first time, well, really ever, our plan rates are increasing on Sunday, January 5. We need to increase rates so that our entire staff can buy yachts. Just kidding. Super big yachts. That’s it.

Actually, over the past few years, and last year considerably, our operating expenses have increased significantly. By opting to stay with our web host for 2020, we need to make a few behind-the-scenes dev changes, in which we will incur higher monthly op-ex. Our email server costs recently increased as well. Add to that two beautiful, refreshed iOS and Android apps, and now you’re seeing the reason behind our plan cost increases.

Below is a breakdown of our new prices as of January 5:
1 month subscription: $8 (new) from $5 (old)
3 month subscription: $20 (new) from $10 (old)
6 month subscription: $35 (new) from $20 (old)
Lifetime subscription: $75 (new) from $50 (old)

Please let us know if the new pricing doesn’t work for your budget, and we’ll make something work on our end. Our goal isn’t to price anyone out; rather, it’s to make sure that we maintain our ability to grow while working as hard as possible to help our members have the life they want to have when it comes to finding someone meaningful.

Drop us a line at with any questions, and we’ll get back to you! I’d say we’d get back in 24 hours, but we’re human. Maybe a little longer.

And if we haven’t scared off you new peeps yet, join us! Create a profile and find someone today!


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