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5 Veteran Streamers You Need to Follow

Finding quality streams to follow on Twitch can be extremely challenging and downright frustrating.  Everyone and their mother seems to be streaming nowadays, so when you do finally come across a good feed it’s like that moment in Goldeneye when you realize that Natalya actually stayed with you as you fought your way out of…

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Books We Love: Seveneves

If you’re a regular around these parts then Seveneves may look familiar to you – we mentioned it last month in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide post, and for an insanely good reason: this book is absolutely mind-blowing.  If you’re a fan of sci-fi books, and especially if you like thrilling space dramas, Seveneves is…

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New User Photo System Is Live!

Over the past 14 months or so we’ve been pumping out new web development projects and site features like it’s our job – because it is – and today I can proudly announce the release of perhaps our coolest new feature to date, a brand new, high-powered user photo system that you have to honestly…

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New Feature: Premium Stealth Mode

Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to be invisible at some point or another, but unlike JP from Grandma’s Boy we all likely realize that stealth technology is still quite a ways away.  On the Internet though anonymity is very possible, and when it comes to online dating, gamers now have that cloaking power at…

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What to Buy My Gamer Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day 2016

You know what sucks about holiday gift guides on the Internet?  They’re all stuffed with the same sponsored junk no matter which website or publication you click to.  Well, we do things differently here at LFGdating, because we think holiday gift guides are insanely important: not only for those who may enjoy last minute shopping,…

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New Photo System Is Coming

Can’t stop, won’t stop – that’s our motto here at LFGdating as 2016 cranks into full gear with a record-smashing 2015 free and clear behind us.  While I’m proud of the fact that we knocked out a whopping 14+ major web development projects between May and December last year, I want to beat that output this…

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