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  • How LFGdating Started 6 Years Ago

    How LFGdating Started 6 Years Ago

    Six and a half years ago, my phone rings. Patrick is calling from his station near a Marine base in Hawaii. “You said you could make a dating site for gamers right?” I didn’t tell you that this call came in late on a Tuesday night. “Yeah. I’ll need your help, but yes – we can do […]

  • We Just Landed on CNET Magazine!

    We Just Landed on CNET Magazine!

    CNET Magazine, summer edition, hit the shelves earlier this week. Ian Sherr’s article, Love Match? surveys several niche dating sites, and LFGdating made the cut. The content describes Jaime, a 40-year-old woman who wants to find a man who is more than ok with her playing World of Warcraft 10 plus hours per week. Sherr writes, “Her previous relationship ended […]

  • 2015 Was Quite a Year at LFGdating

    Let’s start out 2016 with a brief recap of 2015. We started the year breaking traffic and new member records, and by December, we grew exponentially to the point where we just stopped sending emails about breaking records. Or for you Reddit-savvy people, tl;dr – we’re on a roll. We launched three commercials in the […]

  • LFGdating is Gamer Dating – On the Go

    LFGdating is Gamer Dating – On the Go

    Dating someone new may be the single most fun moment in a person’s life. It also may be abject terror. Waiting for a text or a call can be torture. On the other hand, seeing your new person log into your favorite game and say “hi!” is instant euphoria. We’ve all (hopefully!) been there before. […]

  • Sandwiches are Stupid – Commercial Launch!

    Sandwiches are stupid? Well, maybe not from a hunger standpoint. We’re not Joey Tribbiani. But you get the message. Why spend money on lunch when you can use that to meet someone you can really spend some time with? Our main goal is to match you with as many meaningful members as possible, so that […]

  • Gamer Dating Should Be Easy – Commercial Launch!

    Gamer dating should be easy. Why? Because when you meet another person that shares your passion for gaming, that’s a huge obstacle already cleared. Seriously. Imagine a 100 meter hurdle event where one runner doesn’t have the first five hurdles. Game! I bet the runner would be laughing on the inside. Or outside, depending on how brave […]

  • Find Your Player 2 – LFGdating Commercial Released!

    We couldn’t be happier to release our first wave of commercials. If you’re already an LFGdating.com member, you know how hard we work to not only bring you as many quality matches as possible, but we work to make sure that you’re surrounded by geeks and gamers that share your passions. This commercial focuses on […]

  • Coffee This Late Only Means One Thing: The Live-Blogging Weekend Begins!

    Coffee This Late Only Means One Thing: The Live-Blogging Weekend Begins!

    9:48 P.M. cst After a not-too-long plane trip and good pizza at Luna Pizzeria, the weekend officially begins! Cups of water play Robin to black coffee’s Batman. Let the games (and blogging) commence. Round 1: discussing metrics and brainstorming site improvements!  

  • Live Blogging from Houston Starts Thursday, June 25!

    Live Blogging from Houston Starts Thursday, June 25!

    Starting tomorrow we’ll be live blogging from our Houston office. If you want to get a feel for what is about to go down, take a quick peek at the founders story. We’ve been up to tomfoolery and shenanigans for quite some time now, but this weekend, it’s going to be all business. Well, mostly […]

  • LFG Web Development Update

    LFG Web Development Update

    Our users at LFGdating are seriously awesome.  Not only are they playing Cupid and referring their single geek and gamer friends like crazy, but they’re sending in bugs, design thoughts, and user experience enhancement ideas for the site constantly.  So today, not only do I have great news regarding a slew of site improvements, but […]