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Since 2012, LFGdating.com has been the most popular gamer dating site on the planet, and coming very soon in 2019 we'll have the #1 gamer dating app on iOS and Android as well.

LFGdating Gamer Dating App Is Coming in Early 2019!

To say we're excited about the upcoming launch of the LFGdating gamer dating app would be an understatement of legendary proportions. Below please find the latest screenshots, FAQs, information, and launch details about the LFGdating app, and stay tuned to this page for more news as we get closer to launch!

LFGdating App Screenshots

Gamers love screenshots, and we're stoked to share the latest and best screenshots of the LFGdating app since its just around the corner. We'll be adding more to the gallery below - so stay tuned!

Gamer dating app screenshot: LFGdating My Profile
Gamer dating app screenshot: LFGdating Matches View
Gamer dating app screenshot: LFGdating Add and Edit My Photos View

Gamer Dating App FAQs

Q: When does the LFGdating app launch?

A: The app is set to launch in very early 2019, and should be available efor download before Valentine's Day 2019.

Q: Will the LFGdating gamer dating app be free to download?

A: Absolutely! Just like our website, the LFGdating app will be completely free to download and install.

Q: Will the LFGdating app be available on both iOS and Android platforms?

A: Yes to both! We're developing the app for both major platforms so no matter if you have an iPhone or a Pixel you'll be good to go. As for Blackberry users, sorry,

Q: Will the app work with LFGdating.com, and vice versa?

You better believe it. No matter if you make a profile on LFGdating.com or the app, you can use both to check your messages and browse your latest matches. Virtually every piece of functionality you've enjoyed over the years here at LFGdating.com you'll find in the app, with a few small exceptions.

Q: How old do you have to be to download the LFGdating gamer dating app?

A: 18 years old, and no exceptions.

More Gamer Dating App Launch Info at our Blog

While we certainly post app news, new screenshots, and download information for the LFGdating app on this page as they become available, we also encourage you to check out the LFGdating Gamer Dating Blog for more app news. We've highlighted some app development-related articles below:

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